my dreams...

...are falling from the sky

[ happy holidays everybody :-) ]


Hi there...

"..hi there! ...We have an appointment with our creator. Will he see us now? " :-)

p.s. photo was taken on the magnificent - Tsar Samoil Fortress - in Ohrid [Macedonia]

[ Nikon D50 ]


R.I.P. Tose

...people mourning the death of the most popular pop-singer in Macedonia - Tose Proeski

[ Canon 30D ]


in the disco...

...just merged 2-photos to get the "shiny disco ball" effect! :-)

[ Canon 30D ]


the good spirits are over us

photo was taken in the magical city of Ohrid - an ancient place with a lot of history, art and beauty ...and the prettiest lake in the world!

[ Canon 30D ]


catching the last sun ray

[ Canon 30D]

..this is one of the first test shots with my new Canon 30D, finally i have it! :-)


Mouse holes

[ taken with Canon AE-1, after it was eaten by the mice :-) ]


searching for greater things

few crops of my recent photos, made as one!
(click on image for larger size)


my skin...

[ Canon AE-1 ]

...I've also sent this photo on this --> photo-contest, so if you like it you can also vote for it! :-)


now i believe in "god"

[ shot on the - Tsar Samoil Fortress - in Ohrid [Macedonia] with Nikon D50 ]

Recently I've visited Ohrid, and i believe I've made some wonderful photos from this magical place. Enjoy my photos from Ohrid ( i will be posting more in the days to come ) - i hope that they will motivate you to visit my country and this ancient cradle of culture.