R.I.P. Tose

...people mourning the death of the most popular pop-singer in Macedonia - Tose Proeski

[ Canon 30D ]


Viki said...

Age 1981-2007 = 26
Born 25.01 …25+01 = 26
Died 16.10 …16+10 = 26
Accident hour 06:20 …06+20 = 26

τουκιθεμπλομ said...

It is always a tragedy for a young man to die. My condolencies. I visited the Republic of Macedonia in August 07 and I liked your country. I 'd been told that Tose Proeski was the most famous singer but I prefer folk songs (Sarievski).
By the way: you have great photos, I 've already found two macedonian photo artists: Atanas Talevski and Robert Gligorov. Nice work. :)

Anonymous said...

i dont know the person, i dont care about 26. the picture is genius!!! excellent job there! such a good perspective!!!!! inspired!